Monday, November 28, 2011

Finger Flirt Tingle Bunny

Recently 2 things happened. My laptop died, making it impossible to upload photos to a blog post from an iPad, and the good people over at Babeland sent me a new toy to review.

I was given the opportunity to review the Flirt Finger Tingle Bunny Vibe. Without further adieu, here are the details:

The product arrived in clear plastic packaging with a cardboard insert. It boasts a waterproof design, one-button control, MGS Medical Grade Silicone and it is Phthalate Free. I wouldn't contest any of these features as I agree with all of them. The tiny bullet vibe is powered by 2 AG5 batteries which are included. The material is soft to the touch and is noticeably high quality.

Measurements of the toy are:

Bullet Width: 1/2"
Length of Bullet: 3/4"
Logo/imprint: circled "i" on the reverse of the bunny vibe
Length of Vibrator: 3-3/4" from ear tip to push button
Ear Length: Apx. 1 -1/2"
Width of Toy: 2-1/2" from back of finger tip hole to tip of nose
Bullet Vibe Noise: Can be heard through a comforter and over the T.V.

Vibrator Pros:

The material used to make the Finger Flirt Tingle Bunny Vibe is fabulous. It feels well made, the material is smooth and soft, to the touch and there is no visible seam in the material. The ears are very long and without applying pressure, they vibrate and flutter really well. The vibrator is indeed waterproof and has a comfortable fit on all of my fingers. Mine was a deep purple. The color is really very pretty.


First and foremost for me was that the vibrator as a whole was not very strong. It was just buzzy enough to be annoying as I could barely feel any part of it once it was pressed up against me. Additionally the bunny head is hollow. Any amount of firm pressure smooshes its nose inside out, making it useless. Because of the suction created by the snug fitting bullet, the only easy way to turn it right-side-out is to take the bullet out. This is time consuming and mood killing. It's also virtually impossible with slippery hands. The bullet vibe by itself didnt do anything for me either. It doesnt buzz strong enough when pressed up against me to do anything more than annoy me. Holding it or inserting my finger into the rubber finger hole was awkward, too. Either my arms are too short or things just don't line up right. I wanted the nose and ears to face in towards me, and I wanted the nose to nuzzle up against the inside of my labia and the ears to flutter against my clit. This didn't happen at all.

It might be a good nipple teasing toy during foreplay. Im sure the ring is stretchy enough to fit over an erect penis or on a dildo, but I think it would be too awkward to use it the way it is intended.

The Finger Flirt Tingle Bunny just wasn't the toy for me despite the fact that I really wanted something tiny and discreet. It is, however a well made, good quality toy. I wouldn't hesitate to review another one of their products. Regardless, I enjoyed the opportunity to review it, and I very much look continuing reviewing more toys.

Thanks Babeland!!

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