About Me

I go by Bro's Wife for the purpose of this blog... because in real life, that's who I am.  That's about as much of my "real life" as you'll get on here. 

I started blogging about a year and a half ago (not here) and I love it.  It's a great outlet for me, where writing can be therapeutic for me.  I love to write.  '

I also love sex.  My husband and I started with my first cheesy vibrator about 5 years ago and while that one is long since dead, our collection of toys (both his and mine) has grown substantially over the years. 

When I bought that first plain purple vibrator all those years ago, I didn't know what to look for in a toy.  I didn't know about body-safe materials, or even what types of lubes were compatible with which types of toys.  I didn't understand the shape of my body, or what I really, really liked.  And when I bought that first toy, I didn't know where to find some of that information.  Now there are a couple of awesome sex blogs that I've stumbled across that I follow regularly.  Those girls are much more established than I am in this genre.  They live different lives than I do, but I admire they way they write and the honesty with which they write their reviews. 

I didn't start this blog for any other purpose than to review and write honestly about the toys that I buy.  You won't find smutty, pervy stuff on my blog.  I'm not into chatting about my experiences either with the toys or with my husband in graphic detail, as those details are for us - and not you!  

If you have questions about any of the products I review here (specifically regarding the product itself) please feel free to email me at bros wife at gmail dot com.

Thanks, and Happy Reading!!!