Monday, October 31, 2011

Secret Shopper

I remember being in my late teens and going with a bunch of friends to the local smoke shop/body jewelery/ sex toy shop in the small town where we lived. Everyone would start by the belly-button rings, and slowly make our way to the other side of the store, but never farther than the novelty part of the store - you know, bachelorette party stuff. None of us would be caught dead looking at vibrators or dildos in front of anyone else. Back then a vibrator was something to br made fun of, and that was it.

I was well into my 20's and already married before I bought my first vibrator. It was your basic, straight, hard plastic purple vibe with a twist base from one of those novelty stores at the mall. I was with my husband when we bought it, although I checked out by myself while he high-tailed it out of there and waited for me outside. We both ate our dinner at the food court staring at the bag on the table, and awkwardly smiling at one another, thinking about the night ahead.

A lot has changed in my married sex life since then. We've expanded our horizons trmendously. We experiment a ton, and we are much more open minded about the things we're willing to try with one another. Sex toys play a pretty big part in our bedroom life together... Both his & hers toys.

We don't shop in those novelty shops in the mall anymore for a lot of reasons. My husband is a business owner in the community, I have a somewhat- public reputation, but most importantly, more often than not our 3-1/2 year old daughter is with us. Neither of us are thr type to walk up to the counter with a sex anything in hand with her in tow because while sex is not something we should be ashamed of, it's also something you don't need to be discussing with a preschooler.

These days we shop together online for our next round of toys. One of our favorite sites to browse is over at Babeland, We love that we can shop from the privacy of our own home without prying eyes or inquiring young little minds. Babeland prides themselves on providing quality, body safe toys with great product descriptions so that you know what kinds of toys you may be buying. Their customer service is fabulous, and their site is super easy to navigate.

If you're like us and looking for ways to spice things up a little, I would highly recommend Babeland.

Good luck and Happy Buzzing!

Mrs. H

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