Monday, October 31, 2011

Secret Shopper

I remember being in my late teens and going with a bunch of friends to the local smoke shop/body jewelery/ sex toy shop in the small town where we lived. Everyone would start by the belly-button rings, and slowly make our way to the other side of the store, but never farther than the novelty part of the store - you know, bachelorette party stuff. None of us would be caught dead looking at vibrators or dildos in front of anyone else. Back then a vibrator was something to br made fun of, and that was it.

I was well into my 20's and already married before I bought my first vibrator. It was your basic, straight, hard plastic purple vibe with a twist base from one of those novelty stores at the mall. I was with my husband when we bought it, although I checked out by myself while he high-tailed it out of there and waited for me outside. We both ate our dinner at the food court staring at the bag on the table, and awkwardly smiling at one another, thinking about the night ahead.

A lot has changed in my married sex life since then. We've expanded our horizons trmendously. We experiment a ton, and we are much more open minded about the things we're willing to try with one another. Sex toys play a pretty big part in our bedroom life together... Both his & hers toys.

We don't shop in those novelty shops in the mall anymore for a lot of reasons. My husband is a business owner in the community, I have a somewhat- public reputation, but most importantly, more often than not our 3-1/2 year old daughter is with us. Neither of us are thr type to walk up to the counter with a sex anything in hand with her in tow because while sex is not something we should be ashamed of, it's also something you don't need to be discussing with a preschooler.

These days we shop together online for our next round of toys. One of our favorite sites to browse is over at Babeland, We love that we can shop from the privacy of our own home without prying eyes or inquiring young little minds. Babeland prides themselves on providing quality, body safe toys with great product descriptions so that you know what kinds of toys you may be buying. Their customer service is fabulous, and their site is super easy to navigate.

If you're like us and looking for ways to spice things up a little, I would highly recommend Babeland.

Good luck and Happy Buzzing!

Mrs. H

Friday, October 28, 2011

Colt Xtreme Turbo Bullet


29" Cord
2AA Batteries
Control Pack Operated
2-1/4" Insertable Length
1-1/8" Inserrtable Diameter
Plastic Material

This was among the first vibrators that we bought a while back. I picked it because it was inexpensive, waterproof and had a rather long cord so that someone else could be in charge from a short distance away. At the rime, we had a small hot tub on our deck just outside of our bedroom, and for us, hot tub always meant sex. Why not bring some toys into the mix?

At first I didnt like it. It has 2 speeds, low and high, and no patterns. When I first started using it, I didnt like really intense vibrations, and it almost hurt to use. I have since earned to love it. The material is a hard plastic, finished to mimic chrome or stainless steel. I will say that in the amount of time I have owned this, I've rubbed the finish off of it in one small spot.

We have used it in a handfull of ways and it has performed well in each scenario. I have had it inserted while my husband eats me out, keeping it in place against my g-spot so that he can focus on my clit. We have used it as a clitoral vibrator both on its own and with dildo play or with him penetrating me in a lot of different positions, and I have used it on him as a prenium massager while giving him head. It rocks in both speeds and is simple to opperate with just the one push button to cycle through the speeds and eventually shut it off. Needless to say, we burn through batteries pretty quickly with this one - it gets a lot of play.

I put an asterisk by the waterproof feature so that I would remember to tell you this: While it works fine under water, I learned the hard way that you need to open up the controller and dry the inside out. Otherwise the metal where the batteries touch will rust and then you have to clean it off with a q-tip. If it rusts, it will not work.

I love this little bullet vibe. It's an awesome pinch hitter, and its awesome on its own. When it eventually dies, I'll be buying another one for sure.

I don't have a picture, but here is a link to the product:

Happy Buzzing!

Tenga Deep Throat US


Tenga Deep Throat US

Color: Red & White Striped Hard Plastic Exterior
White Foamy Wierd Interior

Smell/Odor: Chemically

Material: Plastic/TPE

Features: Nubby Interior, Pre-Lubed

I bought this toy for my husband about a month ago, and we were busy getting ready for a 2 week vacation. I thought since we would probably both be exhausted from the stress of getting ready, this might be a nice release for him one of those nights when I stayed up too late getting things ready.

When I told him I ordered it, he rolled his eyes and told me he wasn't into banging cups. I told him that Tenga as a whole gets awesome reviews and to just try it. So he agreed.

He picked it up from the post office about a week later, and then called me a little while later to tell me it sucked (in the "doesn't-work-great" way) and he couldn't climax with it. So, I asked him to tell me what he didn't like about it.

It was red and white as described, which is irrelevant. The exterior case of the toy is hard red plastic. The overall outside length was 7" and the diameter of the case was 3-1/4". It is sort of awkward to hold. Really he has an aversion to sex toys that resemble cups. The Fleshlight didn't go over well either, for the same reason. The texture inside the Deep Throat was weird to him and he said it uncomfortably rubbed him wrong at the head. I touched it to see what it felt like, and it was squishy, foamy, slimy, and sponge-like. Kind of like a soggy, slimy marshmallow if you will. It made me squirm. It is listed as a food grade, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free product, but I don't know exactly what it is. It came pre-lubed so there was no conflict with the toy and the lube. It did not need to be cleaned before use, as they are shipped from the manufacturer ready to go. He used it in solo play not in conjunction with anything else.

One reader/reviwer on another website said that if you were careful in taking it apart and cleaning it, it could be reused. Aside from the fact that we saw absolutely no way to disassemble it without destroying it, the inside material would be impossible to actually get clean for future use. If you bought this toy with plans for reuse, I hope you scrap that idea as it would be unsafe.

Overall we were both sorely disappointed with this product. For him because it just wasn't his thing, and for me because I know Tenga is a reputable brand with some really incredible products on the market, and this one just didn't cut the mustard.

Better luck next time!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Butterfly Kiss


Cal Exotics Butterfly Kiss G-Spot Vibrator

Color:  Pink
**Slightly metallic in appearance

Smell/Odor:  None

Material:  TPR

Compatible Lubes:  Silicone/Water Based

Features:  Waterproof, G-Spot Vibe, Clitoral Stimulator, Multi-Speed, Textured Grip

Power:  (2) AAA Batteries

Strength:  2.75/5

Sound:  3/5
**highest speed, inserted. 


This toy was one of the first ones we bought when we started trying to spice things up on a budget! I had learned to read reviews based on past experience, and this toy had some good ones. I liked that the material was flexible and not rock hard... It has good "give." I liked the idea of the bulb-shaped head for G-spot stimulation, and the direct contact clitoral stimulation.

After our package arrived and the toy was properly washed, it was time to play! The motor has 3 intensity settings. I like to start at the lowest one and work my way up. If you have super-sensitive lady bits, maybe the lowest one does something for you. For me, it was mildly annoying at best, but we quickly moved past that to the second level. There was a noticeable difference in power between the two, and my body responded! For my body type, I wish the handle portion was a little longer so it was easier to move around, but I used it with my husband so I was able to tell him where I needed it to be. The third power level sits on the fence between buzzy and rumbly. I'm more of a rumbly kind of girl, but it did the trick. The motor is strong enough on this setting to get the butterfly wings buzzing for some really incredible labia stimulation, and the antennae hit my clit exactly right. It also has enough power to get some pretty good vibration to the tip. Really, for me, I could go from start to finish in a matter of just a few seconds on this setting, once I learned how to place it to get those immediate results. Because of the dual-purpose design, there really aren't a lot of other ways to use it. You could pull the handle/butterfly back for G-spot only stimulation if your body is compatible to its shape, but if your arms are shorter like mine, and you're playing alone, it can be difficult.

I have burned through a couple of sets of batteries with this toy, and I have found it is well worth it to pay a little extra for a higher quality battery versus a generic store brand... You get a much bigger bang for your buck!
The toy is waterproof and very easy to clean after use. I haven't yet tried to fully submerge it, but it makes for a great shower toy!


This toy quickly became a go-to fave of mine. It's great in the shower, with a partner, and it's quiet enough even on high speed that I can masturbate with it under the covers if the Mr. Has already fallen asleep....
Overall I would say this is a great beginner's product. The size isn't intimidating, and it isn't noisy so there is no distraction. It doesn't give me those deep-down toe-curling orgasms that my Hubby can, but it's still fun and very enjoyable