Friday, October 28, 2011

Colt Xtreme Turbo Bullet


29" Cord
2AA Batteries
Control Pack Operated
2-1/4" Insertable Length
1-1/8" Inserrtable Diameter
Plastic Material

This was among the first vibrators that we bought a while back. I picked it because it was inexpensive, waterproof and had a rather long cord so that someone else could be in charge from a short distance away. At the rime, we had a small hot tub on our deck just outside of our bedroom, and for us, hot tub always meant sex. Why not bring some toys into the mix?

At first I didnt like it. It has 2 speeds, low and high, and no patterns. When I first started using it, I didnt like really intense vibrations, and it almost hurt to use. I have since earned to love it. The material is a hard plastic, finished to mimic chrome or stainless steel. I will say that in the amount of time I have owned this, I've rubbed the finish off of it in one small spot.

We have used it in a handfull of ways and it has performed well in each scenario. I have had it inserted while my husband eats me out, keeping it in place against my g-spot so that he can focus on my clit. We have used it as a clitoral vibrator both on its own and with dildo play or with him penetrating me in a lot of different positions, and I have used it on him as a prenium massager while giving him head. It rocks in both speeds and is simple to opperate with just the one push button to cycle through the speeds and eventually shut it off. Needless to say, we burn through batteries pretty quickly with this one - it gets a lot of play.

I put an asterisk by the waterproof feature so that I would remember to tell you this: While it works fine under water, I learned the hard way that you need to open up the controller and dry the inside out. Otherwise the metal where the batteries touch will rust and then you have to clean it off with a q-tip. If it rusts, it will not work.

I love this little bullet vibe. It's an awesome pinch hitter, and its awesome on its own. When it eventually dies, I'll be buying another one for sure.

I don't have a picture, but here is a link to the product:

Happy Buzzing!

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